Conductive Coatings

Conductive coatings have the ability to solve electromagnetic compatibility issues. Our range of water or solventbourne coatings offers various levels of resistance and conductivity. They are often used in clean rooms, aerospace, and electrostatic sensitive applications.


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  • Acrylic Melamine Baking Enamel


    Cardinal's 8100-EMIK waterborne conductive black thermosetting acrylic waterborne enamel is manufactured to meet strict air quality regulations. This product line has been designed to achieve the physical properties of commercially available solvent based thermosetting enamel while minimizing environmental impact. It can be applied to a wide variety of interior products. Read More
    Typical Uses
    General metal finishing:
    - Computer enclosures
    - Office furniture
    - Business machines
    - Shelving
    - Electrical chassis
    - Free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS)
    - Extremely low VOC content
    - Low fire hazard
    - Ease of application
    - Excellent chemical and abrasive properties
    - RoHS / WEEE Compliant
  • ESD Polyester Polyurethane

    6491-E14268 Series

    Cardinal's 6491-E14286 is a 2.8 LB/GAL VOC two-component high solids polyurethane designed for interior uses. The product is defined by excellent chemical resistance, electro static dissipative properties and adhesion. This product has been formulated for spray application. Read More
    Typical Uses
    - Metal Enclosures
    - Low VOC content
    - Excellent ESD
    - RoHS / WEEE compliant
  • Conductive Acrylic Urethane Hybrid

    3500-EMIK Series

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The type of substrate that you’re looking to coat will play a huge role in deciding which coating will work best.  Each has its own particular challenges that need to be addressed if the coating is to work.  We've a wide range of high quality products so customers can make the right choice when picking a coating for any type of substrate.

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